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TRE-10 Heroine Surrender Vol.10

Cadremen of the Weird Devil Army, Jerk and Gedo, who really wanted to attack to a base of the Shadow-Storm, hired a shrewd ninja warrior named the Kageninja(means shadow-ninja) who would slay anyone for money, and they succeeded in capturing a sole female member of the Shadow-Storm named the Shadow-White. Jerk who knew all about the fact that it would be never settled their fight by power against power, so he seduced his combatants and all together concentrated on surrendering the Shadow-White’s pure body. The Shadow-White, who was boosted her sexual desire lying under subconsciousness by wicked dirty technique, had to hold fixedly against surging pressure under her mask raised by deed of spiteful dirty combatants. And she was disgraced by combatants one after another and she was shot and expelled cum fully inside of her vagina. After that her mask was forced to open, and she had to accept invasion of some worm into her vagina, which would bring her self into unclear. And finally she was reached and stopped the acme so many times with ninja technique and sexual act of the Kageninja, and rather than her fellows and the world peace, she chose to get her sexual pleasure and she finally blew where her base was located.

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