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SMHO-01 Mite Ranger

[Mite Pink (after transformation) Surrender Part] Mite Pink gets into the room as she chases her enemy Biorater. Then she is suddenly showered nerve gas which become a poison in the body when he/she feels a sexual orgasm. Mite Pink can’t show her original power and is tortured. [Ren Hanamura (before transformation) Torture Part] Biorater deprives Ren of her energy to release her transformation. Moreover Biorater disgraces her to deprive her life energy. Ren is taught that she can recover her power by orally ingesting sperm…[Mite Pink Suppression Part] Biorater is beaten by Mite Red and starts pointing its anger at Mite Pink. She is injured with primitive weapons, a club, needle, and rivet. She is forced to release her transformation. She has no chance of winning, so she begs her life and…[Mite Pink Domination Part] Mite Pink drives Biorater into the corner but Biorater enforces his power with drugs. Biorater utilizes Pink’s all weapons. Pink is locked her joints and is enforced her pain with drugs. [BAD END]

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