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GXXD-63 Heroine Disgraced - Targeted Miss Universe

Since Alpha Force was defeated by Egoma’s monster, its five members have been forced to fight on their own. Miss Universe, the only female fighter of the team, was nearly disgraced by the enemy combatants, but she miraculously wins the battle. But as she gains consciousness, Marina Umino finds herself in the bed of her own room. Who has brought me back here? Actually Marina is trapped in her own house and she has to protect herself from evil clutches of still unknown enemies, who turn out ordinary persons unrelated to Egoma. Having been severely wounded in the previous battle, Marina cannot fully recover her strength and she soon gets cornered. Finally she decides to fight back in her battle suit, but there is no way for her to get away from their perfectly laid plan, and Miss Universe gets corrupted in her private room turned into a site for a secret feast held by hunters of darkness. [BAD END]


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