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GXXD-57 Heroine's White of the Eyes Faint Hell - Metalseizer Blue Kignus

The Metalseizer-Blue Kignus is a warrior who fights for world peace. One day during her job recess as a nurse, she is lingering at the side of a river. But suddenly, her foe’s combatants attack her! After the desperate struggle against the combatants, she succeeds in beating them. But actually it’s a trap set up by the foe’s evil cadre, Manson! Manson has found about a fact that the Kignus becomes defenseless while she is showing her deadly blow. And now Manson is going to attack her! The Kignus gets very strong electric current under a defenseless state, and she looses her consciousness while exposing the white of the eyes. In addition to that, in the foe’s secret base of operations, more harsh torture is awaiting her. The two opponents attack her with some weapons and make her loose consciousness over and over. Then, when she wakes up, she realizes that a monster is inserting his rod into her vagina. And she is going to repeat reaching the acme with a swoon! Is the only thing the righteous heroine Kignus can do right now is that she is just exposing the white of the eyes and driveling! 【BAD END】


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