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GXXD-41 Heroine Surrenders - X Woman

X Woman is the justice heroine who’s been fighting day and night to preserve the peace on Earth! While known to be the most powerful, X Woman finally encounters the biggest pinch ever. Mr. Madison has kidnapped Professor Tachibana, a physical scientist, and forced him to develop the ultimate reinforced suit. The suit is a formidable weapon that defies all X Woman’s fighting strengths. X Woman stands at a loss against the reinforced suit and is unable to carry on her battle! But, it is only the beginning of a night mare. Mr. Madison intends to beat X Woman completely and subjects her to be his loyal servant. Judging that she is not susceptible to physical pains, Mr. Madison tortures her in sexual pleasures. As X Woman bears the mounting pleasures, the torture is stopped just before she reaches her climax, and the process is repeated, leaving her in miserable suspensions. X Woman is close to devastation mentally...


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