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GODS-08 Surrender Legend 08 Female Ninja - Shizuka

Yuka, who is distantly related to the Kirishima Family, gave birth to the child of Xion Family. The child becomes the origin of all the troubles between the two families. From ages ago, the Shimazu Family worked under the Kirishima Family. Shizuka Kirishima eliminates the Xion Family, but their miasma wakes up the sorcerer ninjas all over the country. Master Gamano commands his ninjas to kidnap Yuka but gets prevented by Shizuka. To kidnap Yuka, Gamano must capture Shizuka first. The ninjas torture her to speak about where Yuka is hiding, but Shizuka does not answer. But Oboro uses a claw-shaped stone bead to repress Shizuka’s powers. A malevolent spirit disgraces her and Shizuka loses her virginity... And the detestable truth shatters her heart... [BAD END]

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