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ZOR-04 Mask saver FLASH ACT.01

Konomi Honjo, an athlete who competes in the World Championships, is abducted by an evil organization Jafer and is converted into an android... However, she is able to escape just before the operation for brainwashing. She wears a white mask to conceal her sadness of becoming an android and calls herself “Masked Saver”. She decides to destroy Jafer. But she loses the battle against Danger Wolf, a monster that has been created by Dr. Death Stein. The boss of Jafer tries to brainwash the Masked Saver, Konomi instead of killing her to finish her up as a monster of Jafer. Dr. Death Stein uses every imaginable means to rip off her mask... Masked Saver Konomi screams suffering the agony of high-voltage current. But her indomitable fighting spirit makes her endure the pain. Still, Colonel Macbeth, the other boss of Jafer, continues to assault her in a perverted way... And finally the mask is ripped off.

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