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ZOR-03 Doll Milaider 03

Professor Zark, conspiring to conquer the whole world, has deceived Professor Zenmyoji, the wizard of robotics engineering, into designing and completing the Psycho Guilder, a fighter android. Moreover, Professor Zark kidnapped the three daughters of Professor Zenmyoji, Sayaka, Rumi and Mari, and disgraced them all before slaughtering them. Professor Zenmyoji, deep in despair but vengeful to foil Professor Zark’s evil scheme, succeeds in designing Myrider that is equipped with super computer far more powerful than Psycho Guilder. But, Myrider, made of parts supplied by the Zark Foundation, has the incomplete justice circuit built in that is susceptible to Zark’s guidance whistle signals. Myrider Mari, a humanoid made after the deceased Mari and looking exactly like her, succeeds in rescuing Professor Zenmyoji out of the crisis. As she switches on to transform into Myrider, however, Zark’s whistle rings out to disturb her. Mari, turned crazy and lascivious, condones the malicious and devilish tortures of the android man. While she makes the ”slurp, slurp” sounds in her obscene acts, the noises have the silencing effects on the whistling signals. Mari, ”Time is now, Myrider. Switch it on!”  Psycho Guilder and Myrider Mari now are battling one on one! Myrider Mari corners Psycho Guilder, but Zark uses mean tricks upon Mari and she falls prey to Zark, who humiliates her now. And, Myrider gets disgraced by Psycho Guilder, too. Looking on Myrider being violated miserably, Professor Zenmyoji tries his last resort, going for broke... How will Myrider Mari gets out pf the fix?

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