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ZARD-98 Super Metal Beaut Vol.1

A queen of the Wicked-Evil-Based-Nation has revived, and she takes out the gigantic-grudge-riding beast and plots world domination! Although a girl named Himiko Godwarrior fights against it, she gets seriously injured. But now she is brought to life as a cyborg ”HIMIKO(it’s a same name as an ancient queen HIMOKO in Japan)”! Her lovely younger sister, Yayoi(means an ancient period when a queen HIMIKO lived) also controls a mechanical vehicle called the Skyral-Ship, and helps HIMIKO. HIMIKO unites her fists to transform herself into a cyborg and succeed in beating the army crops, however, simultaneously she is in pain and gets damaged with the leser beams emitted by the gigantic-grudge-riding beast and she is driven into a crucial situation...But suddenly, from the Skyral-Ship controlled by her younger sister, Yayoi, a gigantic robot named ”The Metal-Viewuirt”, its hands-and-feet and body jump out and unite with HIMIKO. Now she transforms herself into the head of the gigantic robot, controlling it, and she succeeds in beating the gigantic-grudge-riding beast! But Himiko Godwarrior loses the happiness as a woman personally and feels suffering for living as a cyborg...

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