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ZARD-93 Battle Princess Mitsuka Vol.2 - Space Travel Chronicles

The trio has been successful in recapturing Shinta’s sister. But, Mitsuka has fallen into the hands of Akudaikans and gets tortured by insidious Jorow. Meanwhile, Shinta and his fellows are hurrying to repair the destructed Scale and Carks. Learning that the repair cannot be finished in time for Mitsuka’s rescue, Sylvia sets out single-handedly to sneak into the enemy’s hideout to save Mitsuka. She narrowly succeeds in rescuing Mitsuka, but now they are surrounded by the enemy corps and fall into a fix. Then, the repaired Scale and Carks emerge! Turning the table, Mitsuka and the gang beat Kito, the chieftain of Akudaikans, almost to finish him off. But, Kito Hulks out into a giant and starts demolishing towns. Mitsuka finally decides to Hulk out herself to confront Kito!

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