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ZARD-56 Shadowy Messenger, Lady Crow

Childhood friends Sho and Mai meet after several years. Sho, who has traveled around the world, grows up strong and marvelously cleans up the attackers who take aim at Mai. And Mai, who is now a journalist, is asked to keep the data containing information on a young politician, Kyo Mikimoto, from someone she knows. But the person becomes missing and Mai also finds herself followed by Mikimoto. Sho offers to be the bodyguard of Mai and removes the pursuer splendidly, but she loses her life in the battle against Zeus, the 2nd character of Mikimoto who has a Jekyll and Hide personality. While wandering back and forth out of desperation around the entrance of the permanent dream state, Sho is approached with exchanges conditions by Hades, god of the underworld. ”You may bring back to life with power opposable to Zeus. In return, get rid of Kyo Mikimoto.” Having chosen to protect Mai at all costs, Sho makes up her mind to come to life to save the life of Mai from Mikimoto.

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