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ZARD-54 Super Masked Heroine Minerva YUUKI BITOH

Misaki Natsumori is a rookie secret service agent. In the mission to escort Doctor Mitarai, however, she is attacked by Patora, higher-rank female officer of the global assassination group called Egoisma, and now Misaki is in a terrible crisis. But luckily she is saved by a masked female warrior named Minerva wearing an armored suit. Minerva is a member of MISS or Mystic Integral Secret Service, an organization that was formed to stop the evil plans by Egoisma. The masked warrior Minerva is in fact Yuuki Bitoh, Misaki’s former partner in the secret service, but revealing the identity of Minerva is strictly forbidden and Misaki is still bitterly contemptuous of Yuuki who just disappeared without telling her the truths. Moreover, Misaki, seeing Minerva as her rival, sets out alone to rescue the kidnapped daughter of Doctor Mitarai. Misaki gets back the hostage safely from Patora, but soon she is found and tormented by the blood-sucking attack from Draculaisma, humanoid monster sent from Egoisma, and the evil monster also attacks Minerva trying to rescue Misaki.

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