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ZARD-52 American Heroine Astro Girl SEASON-1

Born in the far-away vanished planet, a beautiful girl who has superhuman powers travels to the Earth. The name is Astro Girl; She is strong as a train.She flies up in the sky.Her body bounces back bullets. She lives an ordinary life,disguising herself as a reporter and her mission is catch a drug lord. In the meantime, an invader arrives from outer space. It is the space monster Dosbellion who destroyed Planet Astro. Dosbellion has a stone named Minerva that harms Asrto Girl’s body. During the fight, Desbellion uses his bowgun and shoots arrows made of Minerva stone,only weapon that penetrates her body. For the first time in her life, Astro Girl feels a pain and humiliated. And there is the mysterious big man. Astro Girl must fight her way through in this big crisis!

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