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ZARD-41 Princeria: Enormous Monster Gunuber

Shoko Misaki is a graduate student majoring in psychology. To her, a strange pendant is delivered. The sender is her father Kensuke Misaki, who has disappeared in the Amazon and the pendant in fact belongs to Princeria, Savior of the Universe, who has been protecting the Earth from the invading aliens from the space! Then an attempt on the life of Misaki, who is in fact reincarnation of Princeria, is made by the returning intruder Zeibul, but she is saved by a mysterious man called Dalva. This is only the beginning of the attack as Zeibul, however. Zeibul sucks away the mist of life from Shoko’s body, and summons the huge monster Gunuber to burn down the entire city! The only hope left is Princeria, but can she save the Earth from the alien and the monster?

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