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WHVD-01 [OVER-15] Super Heroine Violence - Science Team Bird Soldier White

You must be over 16 years old or the legal age of the jurisdiction in which you live to watch this movie. The one and only female Bird Soldier White loses her best friend Dr. Kitahara while fighting Galladine. Pledging revenge, White sets foot alone in Galladine’s hideout. In front of her appears Dr. Kitahara, now revived as Dr.Wildcut. Baffled and reluctant to fight her old best friend, White gets damaged by Galladine’s snake specters. Bitten all over her body, White is now weak and hurt... Her knockdown skill, Weatherly Ninja Stars, is reciprocated on her, with stars piercing through her body, rendering her shivering senseless. Whipped hard, her costume is ripped to shredded thread and she is almost deranged to pulp. The tentacles of snake specters splash poisonous venom on wounded White. Screaming, White searches for a chance to turn the table around, but now she is subjected to domination tortures, Bird White keeps on fighting for her life. But, she is yet to learn the cynical end in wait for her.

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