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TZZ-33 Dynamic Ranger

Of the Dynamic Five, the defenders of peace on Earth, Blue (male) and Yellow (female) are on vacation, free from assignments and off their guard. Two are in a private room alone, a delicate situation between them. They fall asleep, without being aware that a sleeping gas has been infused into the room from under the door. When awake, they find themselves confined in a cellar of Amazones, a cult claiming the superiority of women. Amazones’ scheme is to drag Dynamic Yellow, the only woman in the Dynamic Five who are now the talk of town, into the cult and make her the advertising tower, while turning the male member into a proof of woman’s superiority. With collars around their necks, linked to a bomb, they cannot resist and are open to various disgraces. Will they ever turn around and beat Amazones? [Bad ending]

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