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TZZ-28 Plasma Woman

In the near future, the evil organization, Death Phantom, planning to get rid of the monsters in the world where the human being and the monsters coexisted, appeared and tried to exterminate the monsters indiscriminately. To stop the intrigue, a savior had descended. Hazuki, a monster being with monsterous blood, fought agaist the evil with two-stage changing from Sanagi Woman to Plaz Woman. However, the Death Phantom kidnapped Dr. Kawada, Hazuki’s old teacher, and lured her to it. The Death Phantom finally found out that the long time transformation was the weak point of Plaz Woman. The Death Phantom took in her and give her horrible body torture. The Death Phantom also tried to made her lewd by entering the special gas it had developed into her body. Would Hazuki be able to save the future of the monster beings?

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