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TZZ-26 Neo-sailor soldier Moon Venus

The highschool girl is the princess, NeoSailor Fighter Moon Venus, who came from a moon planet, the White Moon, to protect the Earth,. The real purpose of an embodiment of evil, Dark Pearl, scheming for pearls around the world was to know the secret of Moon Venus’s moon energy and own it. However, Moon Venus easily defeats a sent monster. Though two of them attack her, but she is strong!! However, her moon energy runs out in the battle. Moon Venus is tortured and violated by the monsters. She is tortured with a hard whip from both before and behind, and her costume is torn to pieces. They torment her private parts with a electric rubber and a thin chain. Their tentacles attack her and violate the body and disgrace the beautiful face. And they disgrace her by force and charge her depth and with a special vibrator force her into orgasm over and over again... Moon Venus cannot bear the disgrace and cries many times. Her swollen stomach throws her into abyss...

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