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TZZ-25 Space fleet ASTRO ranger

The five fighters wearing a powered suits developed with the highest science. Their name is Uchu Sentai Astroranger, fights have been fighting for the peace of the earth day by day. However, Red is brainwashed by the parasitic worm, Dark Worm, which is sent by an evil ring led by Master Black. Red abducts Pink to be under Master Black. Master Black, who wants to get a space ship, Star Astron, which is invited by the secret codes that each rangers have, tries to infiltrates the brain of Pink. Pink bears the severe whipping and the cruel tortures by the combatants… ・Pink’s body is bound with a thin wire and electrocuted. When she gets through it, faint electricity is turned on her body like her breasts which makes her erotic, traveling through her nerve. ・The breasts and face of Pink is exposed with a special bubble melting the powered suit. The erotic radio wave is conveyed through the wire which directly is crippled with her breasts… ・Blue, Green, and Yellow is disgraced by female combatants and brainwashed with Dark Worm. They begin to put slimes on the whole body of Pink… ・Pink is forced to do a blow job, sucking the Dick of Red, and she is inserted by Red from back. Pink gradually makes the space of her heart… ・Dark Worm winds around her body and tries to snake into her body from her mouth. The sad scream of Astro Pink, who is abandoned by her world and friends, can be delivered to nobody…

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