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TZZ-24 Phantom thief Linx

Her name is chivalrous robber Lynx ”woman with infinite faces,” that is, the professional of disguising. She achieves any kind of mission, and makes impossible into possible… The target this time is the three jewels owned by the female boss of back-side society, Kyoko Kanaya…but Kyoko, who notices the little flavor of the perfume of disguised Lynx, catches Lynx. Lynx, who is great at weapons, cannot escape because her arms are bound. To make her expose where the stolen jewelry is, Kyoko tortures Lynx. With a whip, her leotard is torn out, and she punishments the white and affluent body of Lynx with a stun gun. She makes the thin chain eats the thigh of Lynx to hurt the delicate genitals. And she vaccinates the muscle relaxant to her breasts and makes her spirit and body weak, and she starts the lesbian tortures to her The spirit and the body of strong Lynx is mixed with pleasure and pain, and she becomes what Kyoko expected. The bad girl, Kyoko, or the good girl, Lynx, which will laugh at the end…!?

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