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TZZ-20 Beautiful Kamen Aurora Returns

Beauty Aurora faces the last fight against a longtime foe Satan! Satan has set up a trap in order to get mysterious power of Aurora. ”I have to fight till my life ends,” says Aurora. She beats down a series of combatants and a phantom. But, things get turned around when she is captured by the phantom’s trap. She suffers from poisonous gas and laser beam emitted by the phantom and loses consciousness by getting a punch on the stomach. Then, lower level combatants fondle her body and rob Aurora of her virginity. ”It really hurts! Pull it off!”shouting Aurora. But, they just keep having a good time to disgrace her. While, at one point, she succeeds to overturn the situation, mental and physical pains inflicted to her overwhelm. The tortures include knotted rope, vibrator, and another disgrace by the phantom, which she realizes that she feels some pleasures. Beauty Mask Aurora is ripped off her mysterious mask and severely damaged mentally and physically...

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