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TZZ-16 The Ribbon Fighter

Kurenai, who was born between a human and a devil is onli one who can defeat the destroyer from devildom of youga tribes ... Swordswoman with ribbon Kurenai gets devils cornered using swordplay and devilty! But she has an old enemy of Dark swordwoman! Swordwoman with ribbon vs. Dark swordwoman. Fierce fight! Then, the king of Youga ”Enma-shin” throws off his mask, and put Kurenai in lurch. Devils diddles with whip and ropes with humps, rubs cum in wounds, gets through with extra big vibrator... Special talent Kurenai has will disappear when she lost her virginity... The idea comes out and she was disgraced with her neck choked! At the last, her young body is messed by ghosts and she goes crazy. And then, she begins to seek pleasure for herself...

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