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TZZ-15 Star in Celine

Here in northern land, a revolution is breaking out now... General Sado XVI begins murdering insurgents using artificial phantoms... Citizens have nothing they can do to the government power or violence... But a savior descends from the sky to save poor people living in despairs and fears... Her name is ”Star of Celine”!! Her sharp swordplay breaks up evils!! But she gets poisoned and falls in a fine fix while fighting against phantoms. And SadoXVI tries to expose the real identiity of ”star of Celine” using a stun gun and a hard whip... Then, the story expands unexpected way. A few days later, ”Black-Cosmos”, a good friend of Star of Celine imprisoned into the Deathtille prison. Dangerous traps are waiting for Star of Ce-line in the way to rescue...! Evil men diddled her sizzling sexy body... Star of Celine’s leotard is badly tarnished by cum. Star of Celine comes close to go crazy with electro-massage, ropes with humps, and a special vibrator. At last, she get unmasked and taken her blonde wig off... And she becomes a devil’s bait in the Deathtille prison. What will happen to Star of Celine next...!?

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