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TZZ-14 Cavalryman Four Saver

The evil group of ”Death-to-Hell” conspiring to conquer Japan is plannning to kill all of its old enemies -Future troopers ”Four sabers” ...! And Miracle Spade, Flash Diamond, and Iron Club fell for Death-to-Hell’s trick! The last member of Four sabers, Anri Mizuna, or Cutie Heart successfully traced down the Death-to-Hell’s secret base to rescue her fellows... There was a clever-devised trap waiting for her, however, and she got caught too. Death-to-Hell shattered Cutie Heart(Anri Mizuna)’s nerves, and racked her forcing her to be evil. Pinpoint a finger on her nipples, groin, girl’s most sensitive area with mind-destroying current. Lady warrior forced her to be nympholepsy for breaking her pride. Though she had been very pure, she was deprived of her virginity by the evil... She tried to fight back with her tears keeping back. She was wavering between good and evil with her clit injected with mind-destroying drugs. Evil-minded lady warrior intends to draw her deep into the Darkside by raunchy way.

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