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TZZ-08 Cosplayder 2

After a year from the last mortal combat, Nanako Morisaki, as a popular centerfold, leads peaceful life. But behind that, the intrigue of Puppetmaster over Cosplade system makes steady progress. One day, when Nanako did her job and was going home, her life is sought by a monster Torquehead. Nanako transforms herself into Cosplader and manages the difficult situation. However, because she has burnt out the energy, the Cosplade system stops and she wanders about the city… Finally she is arrested, and moreover, the harassing interrogator performs a sexual body search. Dr. Haneda, feeling a touch of fear over the persistent plot of Puppetmaster, tells Nanako about a detestable event in the past. He says that there is an android other than Nanako in which Cosplade system is installed. He also says that the experiment ended in failure and the man became a dreadful killer…

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