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TSGS-09 New Superheroine Begins 9 Glenn Lady

Masaki, a hybrid between the Shattolian and the earthling, and his partner earthling Ren have been battling with villainous Shattolians led by Scimitar with the powerful help of the Shattolian’s treasure bracelet. One day, Scimitar kidnaps Ren who lacks in the capacity to Hulk out, gropes her and ejaculates into her vagina a virus that affects only the Shattolians. Ren is rescued in a mock enemy ploy, kisses and has sex with Masaki whom she loves. But, Masaki, now affected with the virus persistent in Ren’s body, runs a high fever and loses his capacity to fight the Shattolians. Left alone, Ren is given Masaki’s bracelet and sets out for a fight. As she exerts her power, a Hulked-out woman warrior Glen Lady in pure white body appears!! [Bad ending]

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