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TSB-06 Heroine Superhard Disgrace 6 - Sailor Aries

Sailor Aries, winning in the final battle over Schultz, the boss of secret junto Laszloo, has had her power-source breast jewel cracked miserably, depriving her of the power she used to have. Meanwhile, the soul of defeated Schultz has been revived in the body of Kyoshin (Vain God) soldiers, a weapon devised with the ancient science by Laszloo’s rumps. In the apparently peaceful town, a series of disgraces continue, committed by Laszloo’s rumps. Their purpose is to collect people’s despair, which provides energy for the Kyoshin soldiers. Transformed for fighting, Sailor Aries gets beat by the empowered Kyoshin soldiers and lets her power drain out from her jewel further. And, she is subjected to raping to add to the despair, which turns into energy for the Kyoshin soldiers... Groped, molested and disgraced time and again, Sailor Aries gets the soldiers’ cum ejaculated into her cunt. Then, a gentleman Masked Black appears to help her out gallantly. Sailor Aires tells him of her love that has mounted over the years, but Masked Black harbors detestation for the disgraced girl. Taking advantage of the forceful energy sensed from Sailor Aries’ despair, the Kyoshin soldiers capture her again and get ready to start raping her... [Bad ending]

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