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TRK-03 Heroine Mass Attack - Sexy Mask

A social-type newscaster, Yukiko Furuse(means being raised in an old shore) secretly transforms herself into the Sexy-Mask and keeps fighting against evils hanging out in a town. Such one day, the Sexy-Mask rescues a man named Miyazaki (means a noble cape)―he’s a father of a victim of a serial gangbang incident which has disturbed public―while he is attacked by an assassin. According to advice of the Sexy-Mask, Miyazaki asks Yukiko Furuse for cooperation. In order to start to roast an evil organization called the Black-Turtle which manipulates the gangbang incident behind, and along with Miyazaki, Yukiko Furuse infiltrates into the secret party of the organization and tries to hold the proof, but it is a trap for decoying out the Sexy-Mask and making her an immolation! Well, is the Sexy-Mask going to be a gangbang victim of the gangbang organization the Black-Turtle!? [BAD END]

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