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TRK-02 Heroine Mass Attack - Beauty Mary

Day and night, the righteous heroine ’the Beauty-Mary’ is fighting for peace in the world; however, some people don’t regard the activity as pleasant one. One day, the Earth-Garrison fights against a monster and falls into crisis. But the Beauty rescues the Earth-Garrison in hairbreadth place. However, a captain of the Earth Garrison, who has lost face by her act, offers a gangbang plan of the Beauty to his fellows under an excuse that a drinking party is held for expression of gratitude. At the drinking party, at first the members of the Earth-Garrison still refuses the offer, but they see her defenseless body exposed due to an aphrodisiac poisoned in her drink, and gradually begin to lose senses. Well, is the Beauty really be gangbanged by the drunken beats!

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