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TRH-16 Super Heroine Returns 16

Yukiha, a near-future female Ninja and also a special investigator, has come to face to face with the empress Kijoro of the daredevil Gaima Clan. On the round perky butt of Yukiha, who continues felling the lowly Ninja gang, a poisonous spider pricks and defeats her numb with the poison. Kijoro, manipulating the spider, hooks Yukiha up on the gigantic spider net and tortures her body to molest her mentally. Kijiro licks her lips, earlobes, tits, groin and all over her delicate parts and gives her cunt what-for with electric shocks. Yukiha manages to escape the torture but has to encounter the vicious Ninja Amiga, who entangles her with the spider net to subdue her. Afterwards, lowly Ninja gang humiliates her by forcing her to repeated orgasms with itchy tangle ropes and an electric massager, while Kijoro adds the last touch to finish her senseless with lesbian tortures. Yukiha ends up begging for more pleasure as a deranged lascivious girl as she gets disgraced by the vicious Ninja Amiga.

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