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TOR-61 Invincible Unit The Forcemen Vol.1 - Yellow

The Satomura siblings as the Forceman, they dress the special tempered suits and fight against the Yegirl that plots conquering the universe. One day, one of them, Sorami Satomura as the Force-Yellow encounters with the Yegirl’s monster named ShrimpFroggy. She transforms herself into the Yellow and fights against it. But SrimpFroggy utilizes his hands which have some suckers and deprives her energy away. The Yellow is tormented, but strangely ShrimpFroggy suddenly stops sucking her energy and separates her away, disappearing somewhere. The Yellow escapes from the deadly pinch, but she cannot stop worrying about ShrimpFroggy’s mysterious act. Sure enough, ShrimpFroggy appears in front of Sorami again, and surprisingly, he discloses a fact that Sorami isn’t an earthling among the Satomura’s four siblings. Being known such a secret suddenly, Satomi perplexes and looses herself, and she has to fight against ShrimpFroggy while she is in a state of mental derangement...[HAPPY END]

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