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TOR-51 Tsuyo Ranger ACT 03

One day the enemy Marshal Schwarzen showed up. He then approached to Pink with his eloquent words and inserted a remote sensor into her pubic part. * Pink, in the middle of fighting with an enemy, suddenly starts attacking her own members. They hesitate but fight back and take her back by making her unconscious. * She undergoes an operation under the four members to take the sensor out of her pubic part. This causes her painful embarrassement. * Pissed off with them about the operation, she goes to an enemy’s hideout alone to fight with a phantom. But, Schwarzen sneakingly advances toward her, attacks from her beind, and captures her. * She is beaten up by Schwarzen’s nasty punch and mean kick. * Black Scorpion, the enemy female chieftain, gives her a torture of leg split. * Black Scorpion’s saliva has a power of a witch. The chieftain forces Pink to take it by mouth-to-mouth feeding in order to brain wash her. * She injects Pink’s clitoris with some extract. * And Black Scorpion enjoys stimulating Pink’s sexual feeling like a lesbian. But, Pink does not give in. * Getting frustrated, Black Scorpion makes Pink turn into a prey to fighting men. * They verbally punishment her calling her bitch and pig, and disgrace her endlessly taking turns. * When they finally finish it, her body is all covered by dirty water from their mouth. But she proofs that she never gives in to anybody.

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