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TOR-48 Cyber Special Agent Inspector Z 03

Inspector Hinako Omori faces the last battle against ”Meduza”, internet-dwelling murderous virus. The e-mail she received from Yuki Asano just before her death in harness astonishingly says ”Sender: Yuki. Meduza aims at mopping-up of human species. They desire to destroy the physical society and tyrannize over a virtual society themselves. It is a fierce battle against visualized viruses and Meduza. Hinako unintentionally falls into a pinch and gets assaulted sexually by the viruses. Her nipples are harassed with aphrodisiac liquid. A wire with current-carrying terminal is placed on her groin, which is then assaulted with vibrator shaped like a drill made of alloyed metal. She burns out with the raunchy attack by a female virus Meduza but as it is a copy of Hinako she gets out of trouble. However, surprisingly Meduza comes out to the real world and surrenders the original Hinako and takes her away to the cyber world. Never being able to go back, Hinako receives further raunchy attacks from Meduza and the inspector’s valuable data are soaked up. What will be the outcome of this...? We have another touching outcome ready as well.

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