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TOR-40 Galaxy Princess Rogita Rogita 01

Logita was a cute girl who was born and grew up as a princess of Giza 126th planet in the galaxy millions light-years of from the Earth. She came to the earth for graduation trip against her strict father. Logita. who was ignorant of the world, cannot accept the greediness and evilness of the Earth people. She was found, by chance, by Satan Geznd, who was evicted from Giza 126th planet by Logita. Kawakami wan a mean earth people who had sold his heart to Satan Geznd. Kawakami caught Logita with taking advantage of the her weakness and sold her to the earth people of humble origins for the subject of sexual manners of culture. The lovable Logita was at the mercy of vulgar fellows. What an unbearable surrender! In addtion, even Geznd, whom her father hated most, began to disgrace Logita. But Logita would never yield. Geznd lost his temper and shot through the secret part of Logita by the special light gun. The body of Logita changed into that of a female. She even moved her loin by herself. Geznd also shook his loin. Logita felt the ecstasy. But Geznd suddently stopped. ”Why? Why you stopped?” How unspiteful! Logita touched her privates and started to masturbate. She was kept to be disgraced by the mean people as the servant of Kawakami.

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