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TOR-39 Battle Princess Spandexer the Great 03

There were some mysterious events were happened in every place in the world. VIPs in ever countries were assassinated by some unidentifiable persons. Actually those mysterious events were masterminded by Dr. Heinkel who was a fugitive from the Forth Space, and he was conspiring with a dark destroyer named Gerhard. The Spandixer Space-Angel who chased the criminal Dr. Heinkel from the Forth Space proposed to protect a chairman of the International Defense headquarters. But there were some sudden attack by Gerhard. And unfortunately, the Space-Angel was captured by a wicked woman named Zora even if she fought against that evil woman pretty well. The mentality of the Space-Angel was gradually ruined by Zora’s obscene surrender which was so fussy like a dike. But that’s like the Space-Angel. She never bent to Zora’s will. However, nasty Zora brainwashed the Space-Angel by some brainwashing machine. And Zora’s brother named Zol also surrendered the Space-Angel so dirtily . In addition to that, Gerhard’s humble combatants also surrendered the mentally corrupting Space-Angel... And she had to be so miserable and be beyond description when she was forced to be shot cum of the lowest class combatant inside of her mouth.

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