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TOR-38 Battle Princess Spandexer the Great 02

Spandexer Global Angel has her sister taken as a hostage of Gerhard. She gets into the Gerhard Star on her own and sweeps the enemy combatants off her feet. But having a tender point that her sister is in a hostage situation, she falls into a pinch within seconds. She suffers the gamut of obscene molestation. She has her cockpit inserted with a special pipe that makes women prurient and electricity is turned on. She also suffers cat battle style wrestling attacks by Zora... Getting disgraced by Zor and molested by the combatants as well, She breaks up completely and ends up leaking important information for the Earth to Gerhard. As a reward, she is given a tube steak. And Gerhard beings his all-out attack. The Earth is at grave risk!

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