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TOR-32 Crescent Knights 02

In the human-caused end-time war of 30,000 year’s later, ”Galzeria” is aiming to destroy ”Sphyrna”. ”Anthem”, the king of Sphyrna, perceives that the progenitor of ”NARITA”, head of Gelzeria, existed in the Earth of 30,000 years ago, that is the present-day Earth of the 2000s. Sphyrna already sent Crescent Nights Yuria 20 years before but to their surprise she became pregnant by the progenitor of ”NARITA” and this time they send Crescent Nights Aya as a new assassin. Born and raised as an earth person ”Aya Natsuki” innocently, she has been living an ordinary life as an office girl. One day she receives a signal from distant Sphyrna and the battle begins. But Galzeria is also powerful. Aya falls into a pinch getting caught! What will be the destiny of Aya…and Sphyrna!?

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