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TNI-49 Ninja Vol.49

Superheroines increase their dignity day by day. A evil organization PREADES which plot invasion of a planet feel disgusted at them. One day, a leader of the secret force Shiragi accepts an order that he murders superheroines immediately. A leader of female ninjas Yukikaze undertakes the mission at first. She dedicates her own life for Shiragi because she loves Shiragi secretly. Her dirty secret strategy is named “Abasement of Heroine’s trust operation.” Yukikaze tries to change Wonder Lady (cool and calm fighter) to lecherous orgasm heroine and Mask the Glamour (glamour and charming) to a sadist queen. Her operation greatly affects them. People start to look down on superheroines. Yukikaze expect that she has a praise by Shiragi but her fate is very severe. She is disgraced by the man who she loved. Go for it, Yukikaze! [HAPPY END]

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