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TNI-48 Ninja Vol.48 Female Ninja Erotic Evil Legend Part2

Miko succeeds Huma tribe female ninja’s blood and she is a successor to arcanum that has been taken over for generations. She is suddenly attacked by Ninjas but she can deal with them easily. She notices something difference with today’s enemies, then their head “Kugutsu-mawashi ” appears. The evil ninja party has already hold one of Huma female ninja, Kiki and gave her a lecherous training. They plots extinction of Huma tribe. They also plots breeding of “one-eyed demon” with utilizing Miko’s body. Miko is led into an evil trap. She is disgracefully punished in the cruel feast but she watches for an opportunity to counterattack. Can she get a chance of victory? [BAD and then HAPPY END?]

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