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TNI-46 Ninja 46

“Crimson snake group” plot to invade the Orion Empire. One young female ninja fights with them to stop their plan. Her real character is princess Clarice of the Orion Empire. Clarice puts mask on her face, and cooperates with her master Koken to fight with Crimson snake group. Clarice and Koken chases down Fuji and Raiji, member of the Crimson snake group. Fuji and Raiji beg their life to her. When Clarice sheathes the sword, because she can’t kill a person who surrender, suddenly Fuji and Raiji try to launch a counterattack. Koken is caught his off guard and killed by them. Clarice is captured and tortured by Fuji and Raiji. She is disgraced and…[BAD END]

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