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TNI-40 Ninja 40

Since the age of provincial wars way back, the Fuhga school of Ninja has been safeguarding peace and order behind the scenes of the society, while the Yohga school of Ninja has been fostering troubles and enmities among people and thrived with enriched fortunes. Thus, the Fuhga and the Yohga have been at battle for long years. The Yohro Hohshi, the head of the bad Yohga, now steals the Scroll of the Fuhga Ninja Secrets to obtain the magical formulas, and starts assassinating Fuhga Ninjas. Here, a pretty and brave girlie Ninja stands up to retrieve the Scroll and revenge the killed companions. But, the girlie Ninja Yukikage falls into the trap set by the Yohga monster and gets captured. She now faces rigorous tortures to make her divulge the ultimate secrets of the Ninja technique hidden in the Scroll. With her clothes ripped off by whipping, her body bruised all over, deadly poisons rubbed into the skin, causing extreme itching, and at last Yohga monsters start raping her... Ninja girls, if disgraced by evil minds, lose their Ninja capacity and turn into ordinary women, so it is said. What will happen to Ninja girl Yukikage after all?

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