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TMS-13 Samuraiger

One day, the girl who was kidnapped by an evil organization ”Skull & Crossbones Godam” as a child and was raised as a female combatant escapes from the organization. To flee the chasers of the organization, she decides to live as a man wearing men’s clothes... Her revengeful spirit on ”Skull & Crossbones Godam” leads her to become Yellow Samuraiger, a member of Samuraiger... However a bitter fate is waiting for her who fights as a hero for justice even though she is female. In order to rescue Pink Samuraiger, who has been captured and tortured by Skull & Crossbones Godam, Yellow Samuraiger gets into their hide-out by herself wearing men’s clothes. But she falls into the trap of Pink who is brainwashed...! The villains who torture Yellow believing her as a man gradually realize that she is actually a woman... She is swamped with steel whips, humiliatingly disgraced with the men’s clothes on and receives lesbian harassment from brainwashed Pink. Voluptuous pleasures to be a woman once again bear down on Yellow, who has been living as a man. She desperately holds up, but...

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