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TMS-09 Bird Five ACT 03

Homicidal Machine X had been developed by peple two hundered years ago. However, they had not known what to do with the Homicidal Machine X and could not have terminated it. They decided to freeze it to sleep and entrust the people two hundred years after to terminate. Two hundered years after that, Bird Five discovered the Homicidal Machine X. But X rushed about wildly in spite of the technology of two hundered years after. Bird Five managed to capture X and watched the analysis to terminate X. Then the tragic happened. X got up waiting for the chance to escape while Mayu of Bird Five was on guard that night. X attacked her with the tremendous power. [Points of this work] X enjoyed the female body after two hundered years absence. Other members who had been exposed the ray of X which made people lustful attacked Mayu. At first she resisted. But the body began to respond to it, in spite of her will, and finally she began to want them with the pleasure.

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