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TMS-08 Bird Five ACT 02

Cloned human beings had long been a taboo in science to develop. Once unleashed from restriction, a stampead occured for developing and going after the techniques by many a research organization. As time passed, however, a great bunch of failure clones were left over. They were mutants whose genes had gone through mutations. Gathered under a leader, they formed a gang and started revenging the humans who created and suppressed them unduly. : ○Lovely costume of the Bird Five, played by Mai Tsukisaki. ○Relentless and harsh whipping torture by the gang leader. ○Gruesome raping by the tentacles of the mutants. ○The heroine in dilemma between forced bodily pleasure and her mind ungiving to the molestation. ○And, the dramatic ending... Enjoy to your heart’s content, everyone. (Director)

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