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TMS-06 Perfect Ranger Returns Act 03

There came a beatiful girl as Ranger Pink to save Red, Blue, Yellow and Green, who had been caught by Saturn Cross. Her name is Sayaka. But the Director saw and called her Chiho. He started to tell New Pink Sayaka about the past thirty-years before. The Director and the Boss of Saturn Cross, ”Schwarzen Kreuz, had been comrades. And both of them loved a girl whose name was Chiho. She was very similart to Sayaka. But Chiho had died. Director said that sadness of losing her made Schwarzen Kreuz the devil. Sayaka entered the hideout of Saturn Cross after changing into Ranger Pink with holding the sad past of the Directore in her heart. She fought aginst Perfect Devil and sufferred by the bogus Ranger Pink. She failed and was caught and disgraced by the evil enemy. The wriggling of her slippery and white body aroused the evil. Both of the Perfect Devil the bogus Ranger Pink disgraced her. She was tattered into rugs. Schwarzen Kreuz ripped off the mask of Ranger Pink, when the chance of reversal came at last. She tried to save her comrades but the bogus Ranger Pink stood in her way. Would she be able to the bogus, though she had been disgraced, hurt and tired. What would become of her? Starring: Hikaru Kawai, Yumi Hosaka (Originated from Episode IX, Fight! Electroshock Squadron Perfect Ranger)

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