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TMS-04 Perfect Ranger Returns Act 01

The Perfect-Ranger, actually the Ranger-Pink was encountering with the worst and the strongest enemy. That name was the Dark Warrior Perfect-Devil! After the Ranger-Pink had a magnificent fight against the Perfect-Devil, she was completely defeated by that monster... Also Schwarzen Creutz returned to his own evil organization named the Satan-Cross, and he was totally restored. The combatants of the Stan-Cross who had a grudge against the Ranger-Pink surrendered her so badly, and at last they disgraced hell out of her. And also the Perfect-Devil disgraced the Ranger-Pink and ruined her so bad... Finally in front of the fellows’ eyes, the Ranger-Pink was exposed her shameful and miserable figure that was so far way from ideal image of a warrior for righteousness... Starring: Eri Mitsui (The original from ”EpisodeⅦ of ’Fight! The Blitz Unit Perfect-Ranger’”)

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