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TMS-03 Ultra Heroine Thundergirl Vol. 3

Fumie the Cosmic Security Corps member sneaks into the aliens’ base of Star Grete to rescue her two sisters. Fumie is none other than the third Thundergirl, Sonia, who is forced to fight under adversary Dr. Ohtaguro. But, Sonia is also bound by the three-minute limits; she gets horny after three minutes, forgetting about fighting, and ends up crucified. Dr. Ohtaguro’s electric torture is relentless beyond description, and Sonia undergoes a revamp surgery with tips embedded in her brain and is forced to copulate with specter Bazoo to bear his child. Brainwashed Fumie returns to the Cosmic Security Corps base, coaxes Chief Kirikawa, has sex and kills him off guard. Fumie wanders into town, grinning a ghastly smile. So, the vicious ambition of Star Grete aliens for conquering the earth is in progress.

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