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TMS-01 Ultra Heroine Thundergirl Vol. 1

With her life terminated by Bazoo (enemy specter) as a Thundergirl, one day she gets revived by her mother’s esoteric power as Thundergirl Flare to fight the Ohtaguro Clan led by the aliens from Star Grete. She has to beat the enemy within three minutes after her transformation into Thundergirl Flare. Because the timer on her breast starts blinking after the crucial three minutes and she is turned nymphomaniac. But her enemy is so strong, with three minutes flying away in a blink, and she begins flicking the bean. One day, Ohtaguro takes Flare’s mother as hostage to lure Flare into their hideout. There, the enemy’s elite troop awaits her. The three minutes pass by so quickly, and Flare fiddles the bean while the enemy and her mother look on. To make things worse, Flare gets molested by her own mother who’s been brainwashed by Bazoo, and is screwed by Bazoo himself and passes out.

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