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TML-07 Super Mask Heroine 07

A nun named Lily is actually the Star of Celine. In order to rescuer a priest’s daughter captured by a dictator, she fights against the enemy. She is driven into a deadly corner, but she is rescued by a mysterious knight called ”Black Cosmos” and she has a narrow escape from death. However, the priest is kidnapped and miserably she is captured. Other hand, in order to expose the true character of Celine, the enemy desperately torments the body of Celine. Even though she is disgraced by the dictator named General Sado, she never confesses. She is hung and teased her private parts by combatants, and at last her mask is stripped and is exposed her true character. And due to her true character is a num, General Sado distorts the cruel story to his own advantage to execute the priest and a brother of ”The Black Cosmos” and tries to create someone whom Celine should hate; and she is hung in a cross with the num’s costume and is forced to be surrendered by a daughter of the priest and the Black Cosmos.

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