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TML-06 Super Mask Heroine White Mask R

Her brother, a student in one of the nation’s most reputable boarding schools, Empire Academy, is missing. Louie Shirakawa, disguised as White Mask, joins the faculty of the Academy to search for his whereabouts and cleans up deranged teachers wielding violence to their students on campus. But, an iron-masked teacher beats her with overpowering strength and White Mask is put to lascivious tortures by Ashura, the master of the Academy. Deprived of motor control with a poison gas, she has a nerve-sensitizing drug rubbed into her tits and groin. Stimulated by an electric massager and later molested by Ashura, she gets seamen ejaculated into her vagina. Yet, White Mask endures the torture and keeps her identity hidden just for her brother. But, now a poisonous liquid is injected into her body through her tits, while the liquid is pumped into her groin via a hose, giving her extreme agony. As the liquid gushes out of her vagina and she gets disgraced by the Iron Mask, her mask stays on her face all the while. The moment she reaches her first orgasm, however,..

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